The mission of the Western Pocono Community Library is to provide free library services to meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of the residents of the Pleasant Valley School District and adjacent communities.

In pursuit of this mission, the Library will:

  • collect, organize, and make available for public use books of fiction and non-fiction and other library materials, including but not limited to best sellers, periodicals, newspapers, vertical files, audio books, films, large print books, reference books, educational artifacts of general interest to the community;
  • provide reference, interlibrary loan, and outreach services to its patrons through cooperation with other libraries;
  • cooperate with the Monroe County Literacy Council to provide a functional literacy program to those in need;
  • encourage the early development of reading skills by providing story time programs for pre-school children.  Summer Story Hour addresses the development of reading skills through grade 8;
  • develop and present educational opportunities to all age groups, including on-site and outreach programs to schools, elder groups, service groups, day-care centers/nursery schools, home schooling children and parents and the community at large;
  • to the extent the financial resources of the Library will allow, provide access to information through the use of electronic technology and services; and
  • follow the attached document adopted by the Council of the American Library Association entitled LIBRARIES: An American Value.

The Library welcomes you as a patron.  Registration is free if you live in the Pleasant Valley School District, comprised of Chestnuthill, Eldred, Polk and Ross Townships.  A valid ID such as a driver’s license, auto registration, etc., indicating proof of residency within our service area is required to obtain a library card.

If you live anywhere outside the above mentioned areas, but have a local library that participates in the AccessPA program, you may also register free, provided you show us a current valid library card from your home library with an AccessPA sticker on it.  If your home library does not participate in the AccessPA program, you may register by paying a $35.00 annual fee for your family membership.



• Audio Books
• Magazines / Newspapers
• Books
• Reference Guides
• DVDs
• Vertical Files
• Large Print Books

• Literacy Programs
• Young Adult Programs
• Children’s Programs
• Adult Outreach
Pre-School Story Hour
Summer Reading Program
Day Care / School Outreach
Nursing Homes
• Extended Loan Loan Time
• Internet Access
• Photocopier / Fax
• Reference Assistance
• Microfiche Reader / Printer
On-Line at
CD-ROM Databases
Encyclopedias to Circulate
• AccessPA Library

The Library will send and receive a fax message for you.

To send/receive in the United States:

  • first page:  $2.00
  • each additional page: $1.00

To send/receive International Faxes:

  • first page: $3.00
  • each additional page: $1.00


  • $0.25 per copy
  • $0.10 per copy for students
  • $1.00 per COLOR copy

Computer Printing

  • $0.10 per page (black and white)
  • $1.00 per page (color)

Interlibrary Loan is a service extended to library users in good standing (no overdue books or unpaid fines), which enables materials from one library to be borrowed by a patron at another library.  Requests are to be submitted on an ILL form available at the Circulation and/or Reference Desk.  The success of the ILL program depends strictly on the volunteer cooperation of libraries and responsible use of the materials by the user.

Fulfillment of requests can take as long as one to six weeks, depending on the availability of the material at the lending library and the distance and time in mailing.  Upon arrival of requested material, patron will be notified by phone, either by speaking directly to patron or leaving a message on an answering machine.  Please remember that your promptness in picking up the requested materials maximizes your available time to borrow the requested item before it is time for us to send it back.  Usually, you are allowed two weeks borrowing time.  The loan period is determined by the lending library.  Extended due dates are given to interlibrary loan materials to allow for delivery time; renewal requests are not encouraged.  Previously received items can be requested again after a period of four to six months.  If an item cannot be obtained, patrons will be notified of that situation.

The Dewey Decimal System organizes information into 10 broad areas, which are broken into smaller and smaller topics. Different topics are assigned numbers, known as "call numbers."

  • 000 General Knowledge
    Almanacs, Encyclopedias, Libraries, Museums, Newspapers ...
  • 100 Psychology and Philosophy
    Death & Dying, Ethics, Feelings, Logic, Making Friends, Optical Illusions, Superstitions ...
  • 200 Religions and Mythology
    Amish, Bible Stories, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Quakers, and other world religions; Greek, Roman and other myths...
  • 300 Social Sciences and Folklore
    Careers, Customs, Environment, Families, Folktales, Government, Manners, Money, Recycling ...
  • 400 Languages and Grammar
    Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Sign Language, Spanish. Includes dictionaries...
  • 500 Math and Science
    Animals, Biology, Chemistry, Dinosaurs, Fish, Geology, Insects, Physics, Planets, Plants ...
  • 600 Medicine and Technology
    Computers, Cookbooks, Engineering, Farming, Health, Human Body, Inventions, Manufacturing, Nutrition ...
  • 700 Arts & Recreation
    Architecture, Crafts, Drawing, Games, Jokes, Music, Puppets, Songbooks, Sports ...
  • 800 Literature
    Children's Literature, Plays, Poetry, Shakespeare, Writing ...
  • 900 Geography and History
    Biographies, Countries, Native Americans, States, Travel, Wars ...